Importance of cultural heritage
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Importance of cultural heritage

Expression on the ways we live to other people are referred to as cultural heritage. These ways of living are normally formed by a certain community which are passed on from one person to another. A generation refers to a family or related group who reproduce to give birth to new offsprings. This includes customs present in different communities, places that have historic memories such as mountains, practices that vary from one community to another due to differences in traditions, objects and artistic expressions that are made by the society or talented individuals ranging from children to adults. It can be touched or not touched depending on its nature and, method of creation by the developers.

Cultural heritage is important to individuals

Cultural heritage is important to individuals and, the society at large. It gives residents a connection to some social values, beliefs, religions and customs improving the unity between residents. Social values include respect to elders because the younger kids are taught to respect the elderly. Older residents teach the youth to always be obedient and, follow the rules set that lead them. There are several beliefs which are set by communities to help prevent unnecessary crimes such as murder. For instance, some communities give punishment to people who commit murder by chasing them away from the area. This makes them unacceptable and, acts as a lesson to the remaining residents preventing them from making similar mistakes which affect the way of living to everyone because it creates fear.

Apart from creating connection and unity

Apart from creating connection and unity among people, it helps promote tourism. People from different regions travel to new areas to learn and know more about differences in people. For instance, when you travel from your locality to a new environment, you learn more as you adjust to the changes available. Traveling to new areas makes tourists have the urge to get information about the new environments which they visit to explore. Tourism helps the country earn the revenue in form of entry charges paid by the tourists in parks and hotels that conserve artifacts present. The higher the number of tourists visiting a particular area, the higher the money earned.

Importance of cultural heritage

Tourists play an important role in development of businesses and, the nation at large. They help earn profits that help conserve and maintain the different types of articles present. With the rising number of tourists visiting historical places, residents value these areas and, try to maintain them in the most valuable state possible. It helps encourage more visitors both local and international to pay a visit to new areas from their countries to foreign nations. Money earned from their visit help the government maintain and, develop different sectors such as infrastructure through building of roads. Health sectors can also be improved by using money received to build more hospitals and hospital materials.

Additionally, it helps in creation of job opportunities for both the locals and foreigners who come to visit their dream destinations. Some artistic products are made by artists in the region who sell them to buyers. By selling these products, traders earn income that help them cater for their needs. Instead of taking part in crimes to feed their families, several artists are changing to make creative pieces such as bracelets, beads and mats to earn them income.

While promoting and maintaining different types of culture, they earn money which help maintain their families. It also aids to shape the identity and, improve creativity by learning new techniques. Thinking skills are improved by sharing ideas that build self-esteem making them believe in the work they do. Apart from earning income through making artifacts, traders can earn income from agricultural practices promoted by improvement of culture. Protection of cultural places such as mountains and lands enable improve the conditions of areas for cultivation. Agricultural products can later be sold improving the market growth and development to support agricultural traders.

Although there are challenges faced, artists work in unity to ensure that none of the cultural practices is removed from the system. They help improve learning by sharing ideas. Valuable skills are kept for future reference for a better understanding of previous generations and, the history of where you come from. Younger generation should be taught how to protect and maintain their culture.

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