Definition of Cultural Heritage
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Definition of Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is a reflection of the way human beings live which is passed on across generations. It includes objects that were used or places that have a significance to a particular society. There are practices and values that your ancestors adopted which are highly valued by the people in your community. Cultural heritage revolves around the important things, activities and events that your community find important. The ways in which humans live are developed over a long period of time and when your predecessors found it useful for future generations, they would pass it on. Sometimes humans might decide to modify a certain practice so that it suits the present way of living. Cultural heritage grows as new generations adopt new practices that can be added to those that were adopted.

It is signified by the presence of artifacts, buildings or archeological sites which helps you learn about your past. Buildings could be where renowned leaders lived or where activities of significance took place. The material objects are those that were used by your ancestors to perform certain tasks and each of them has a historical significance that will remind you of your traditions. The natural environment is also part of cultural heritage as you will find connection with certain natural landscapes. You refer to these elements when you want to know about your past.

Humans can preserve their cultural heritage

Since culture evolves, cultural heritage also includes immaterial elements such as traditions which are transmitted across generations within a society. It will guide you to know what is acceptable and what is not. The social practices or skills that a person adopts identifies them for their unique style of living.

Humans can preserve their cultural heritage in books, photographs, art and oral tradition. The food that you eat, the clothes worn, the religion followed or the skills that you are interested in are a representation of your cultural heritage. Humans preserve their cultural heritage because it gives them a connection to specific social values. The sharing of common beliefs helps unite people together as they recognize themselves as belonging to a common group. Cultural heritage is the best way you can distinguish yourself from others.

Definition of Cultural Heritage

People can only understand their previous generations and know the history of where they came from by appreciating their cultural heritage. This will encourage you to incorporate past practices into your life. A person will know the reasons why a certain practice was adopted and enjoy adopting it into their lives. You can only enjoy your culture when you see the value in it. Since It represents their history and bonds them to the past, present or the future, a person will lean to care for their culture by teaching their children to follow it.

Different communities have different cultures therefore, cultural heritage helps human beings identify cultural diversity and learn to appreciate different cultures. Humans will respect the cultural practices of other people after they understand that they come from different societies. You will learn to live with them without condemning their culture. This promotes peace among communities as people will have respect for each other’s way of living.

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